Wagging Tail-386

Grimm this morning and pouring down.

So after a shorter than usual trot I was abandoned as herself left for the shop.

She took all her haul from yesterday with her. It’s just as well she found plenty because she’d nothing else to do to keep herself occupied.

Appropriately, as it’s cinco de Mayo, one of the things she’d found were margaritas glasses. Bottoms up to that!

She also found a new work of art. A vineyard. Do you see a theme going on? Anyway she hung it up.

Let’s hope it stays in place longer than her sign that’s already fallen down. Bad omen!

You can hardly see it though the window as a bird the size of an ostrich has pooped on the front window.

Her experiment of the day was to determine how long whipped cream stays up as clotted cream cannot be found in this neck of the woods.

The result is not promising but any cream is better than no cream at all. We’ll have to give crème fraîche a go tomorrow to see if it’s more robust.

The bro stopped by to say hi which gave her a little lift. If he’d thought and brought me that would have made her day especially now the suns out.

Blessing # 1087 – Downs and Ups

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