Wagging Tail-393

Auntie Denise is back from her trip to the west coast and I sure am glad.

It means I get out for my big walk in the dot of 7:30.

It was a bit tight this morning as we didn’t get up till 6:45 that’s late for us but we are sleeping so much better these days since she has started up the shop.

I nearly killed Denise with kindness when we met her. I’m so glad to see her but for sure not nearly as glad as her pony Penny.

Ma left pretty early as she had to do her shopping for the week. She also did some « flower » arranging.

She thinks all that mint we grow is a perfect thing for a display at the tearoom.

It’s not bad at all. Kinda fits the green theme.

Some ladies who came for tea today suggested Ma make a signature Tea I have visions that mint may have further applications.

Blessing # 1094-Blends.

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