Wagging Tail- 392

Sometimes Ma is nasty to Dad. This morning she chewed him up. If you guessed till Christmas you wouldn’t guess why.

She said he bought too much ice cream.

Now who shouts at someone because they do something like that?

Poor Dad he was only trying to stock up on her favorite just in case she had a craving or needed crisis therapy.

Ma sees it another way though. Those who know Dad well know that he always buys things in multiples.

He can’t get one of anything. There is not a single inch of space to spare in our freezer. It’s coming down with chapathies, chicken burgers and ice cream oh and of course that key lime pie.

It’s not like we live a million miles from a grocery store and we go shopping every week. But why on earth do humans get riled up about such nonsense?

I could yummy up that sea salt caramel before you could say Jack Robinson.

Blessing # 1093– Sweet Solution

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