Wagging Tail-403

We had such a great relaxing day and some nature study too.

We went out with Auntie Denise and checked out our goslings at the pond.

The critters have to swim through the algae that has already bloomed but they don’t seem to mind that or me.

They better be careful about hawks though as there are some big birds about. This particularly proud one was strutting his stuff a few days ago.

The Doe’s also need to watch out because these big guys could get their Fawns.

Ma and I saw one lying in a neighbors yard. It looked dead so we went to check it out.

It was sleeping and when we got up beside it we could see it’s nose move. When it smelled us it let out a bleat and took off. Where was that Mama! Gave us an experience though. If you’ve never heard a fawn talk it’s really special. Sounds like a very high pitched lamb. Quite shocking really.

Blessing # 1104-Alive and Kicking

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