Wagging Tail-404

Day off for both Ma and the bro spells fun for me. YEOH!

Herself was not in great form this morning as a new leak has appeared at the old house. Seems they had torrential rain there yesterday and a puddle made its way into the back room.

After our morning outing which matched the pace of her mood, frantic, she baked two dozen scones and then ripped out two trash bags full of weeds and daffodil leaves. That brought her back to normal.

She then took the Pa out to their favorite thrift store and left me with the bro.

They bought so many things the haul has had to be homed in our garage. Never say never again Ma. Although I do quite like this monster painting. It’s big enough for me to practice my deer hunting!

I couldn’t give a hoot though what they did as the bro took me out cruising. It’s so much better being out with someone of my own age than the ancients. I cannot reveal details of our sojourn as it involved visits with females!!!!!

Blessing # 1105– Age Appropriate Activities.

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