Wagging Tail-407

We have more or less mastered the art of the scone. Except when we forget to add shortening and poor Dad and me have to eat them at home.

Ma can make them in her sleep. In fact she does on occasion and they usually are burning or doing something they shouldn’t. It’s a nightmare of sultanas.

Given that more than half the good old Walkers shortbread that she bought for the tearoom have been broken and so she can’t serve it we are looking into the possibility of making our own.

It’s not rocket science but Ma needs something simple so if you have an idiot proof recipe for shortbread send her.

Seems her own Ma made it regular and it was always good.

This mornings efforts were far from stellar. I inspected them and the didn’t pass muster.

So more snack for Dad and me.

There is method in my madness!

Blessing # 1108 – Experiments

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