Wagging Tail-406

The AC was not working at the Tearoom and it was sweltering this morning when Ma had a group of Ladies over.

They are part of a book club and were very kind about the conditions but clearly drinking hot tea is not so wonderful when you are baking like a bun in an oven. Go figure how I feel with the fur coat on.

Just as they were leaving a torrent of rain poured down. It pulled about a river of humidity out of the air and a plethora of pollen to boot. Helped the conditions but that was a tad late for the ladies.

Still it will make for more comfortable conditions for Ma as she does the dishes and does help the roses too that are behaving themselves and blooming just as they should.

Now the engineers are here and have fixed most things.

The green light is on not just flashing.

They are still working on a unit that is leaking but progress is promising.

Very true that old saying. It never rains but it pours.

Blessing # 1107 – Cool Off

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