Wagging Tail-411

See all these fancy afternoon teas my Ma is making and I’m not eating well there are some benefits.

Being very frugal (aka stingy) she hates throwing food away. She brings home the leftover strawberries and cream and the milk and croissants and broken cookies all of which are yummy.

Of course herself being herself she takes it to extremes and even collects the crusts of the bread when she makes those delicate cucumber sandwiches.

Dad has found an outlet for them making super spicy croutons. Now Ma is in on the job. She trying bread pudding. It helps use up the leftover milk too.

Not bad at all and quite well balanced from the nutrition perspective bread, milk, eggs and raisin oh and of course sugar.

Served with some of those leftover strawberries and we are all set for the day.

Blessing #1102-Odds and Ends

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