Wagging Tail-412

It was a great Granny Barr tribute morning.

We started out early like she always did and went harvesting some of our mint as Dad is going to make the first batch of chutney for this year.

We thoughts we’d help him so while we were watching the morning news we trimmed off all the bottom leaves, checked for Cicadas and plonked the plants in Granny’s big white jug.

She was very poor our wee Granny Barr and didn’t have many things but seems when she got married one of her gifts was this big jug. Almost as big as me!

It followed her from her hometown of Banbridge to Belfast when she moved to live with my Moms parents and eventually made it across the Atlantic to our house.

It held buttermilk at one time but today it served a different but equally noble purpose.

Our Granny did her baking ever Tuesday morning when she got her pension. Seems my Mummy helped her when she was little so we have adopted this tradition and made our scones this morning.

While we baked Dad worked on the harvest. This mint is great this year he said not a single bad leaf!!! We gave him a broken scone and moved on!

Blessing # 1103-Effortless!

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