Wagging Tail-415

Last Sunday when Ma was working at the antique mall a customer came in looking for old marbles.

Seems he is running a project in West Virginia to reestablish marble making and likes to give the people working with him a special old marble on each visit.

He taught Ma a lot about marbles the most sought after are called tiger eyes.

She searched all over the shop and with the help of her friend Karen who was working at the desk they managed to find some for the customer.

He liked some but they were in a very big collection so he didn’t need the others. It’s a whole art this marble collecting.

Anyway this man was very happy with the help Karen and Ma gave him in his search and said he’d definitely come back and to the mall again.

He was gone about ten minutes and then he was back. This time bearing a gift of a CD each for Karen and Mom. Seems he’s not only into old manufacturing arts but he’s a musician too.

Ma and I have the CD on in the car all this week and we absolutely love it.

I like the sound of this guy. He even writes songs about my kind. Well if you consider a coyote a canine.

Check out the music it’s really great!

Blessing #1016-FunFolk

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