Wagging Tail-414

Ma and me were about two miles from home this morning when the heavens opened. We were in the woods so we got a little shelter but still we were soaked to the skin by the time we got back to base.

It wasn’t cold so we kinda enjoyed splashing in the puddles especially since Ma had her flip flops on. Sorta like the Ohio version of paddling at the seaside!

I love the fun of getting dried. I pretend to be all fierce and run in circles around the living room with my towel on.

I grab my toys and shake them like they are wet too.

Pinky gets the worst of it as he’s the biggest.

Ma says by the time I’ve finished he’s as wet as me. I say he needed a spruce up anyway.

There was another torrent on the way to work. Ma said it was even worse than before. Free car wash weather.

Blessing #1105-Wash and Dry

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