Wagging Tail-421

I love hunting bunnies. When I see one I freeze and point. Ma knows then she has to hold me real tight or I’ll take off.

This morning I saw a massive one. We stared each other out for a good two minutes before I cracked and tugged.

Didn’t get it! One day I’ll win.

There’s a lot of talk about a certain Bunny called Peter on the TV right now. He is kinda famous. The star of a new movie by all accounts. Ma wants to go but says I can’t accompany her. Sad.

She also has a print of him for sale at the mall and a few look alikes on offer at the tearoom.

Hope the new movie stirs up some interest. She lost a few sales today as a shelf collapsed overnight and broke four of her prized mugs. Could have been worse.

She might have lost a customer if that shelf had fallen during opening hours.

Blessing #1022 – Bobtails

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