Wagging Tail-422

Ma was moaning again last night this time about broken biscuits (cookies). She’s mad with Walkers as all the shortbread she bought is broken. It must have suffered severe storm in shipping from Scotland.

I’m like bring it on Ma I’ll eat that just fine. Better than any old dog treat. so she brought it home along with some soggy ginger snaps.

I was like chill girlfriend. This ain’t a big deal.

Life isn’t always a big bowl of cherries.

Unless that is you happen to have the real McCoy and you’re sharing them with your beloved.

I told her this morning to get herself a wee flower from the yard to brighten herself a bit.

So she did as I instructed and they look good.

Best of all she found a ladybird in the lilies. So now she’s all happy because those critters bring good fortune.

What more does she need? After all she already has me!

Blessing # 1023-Lovebugs

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