Wagging Tail-425

Ma has gone mad. She is cleaning like there is no tomorrow. Clothes have been flying everywhere!

The house has been assaulted by ever cleaning fluid known to man.

It is stinking of artificial smells that are making me ill.

She is moving furniture. She is moving carpets around. She is cleaning out cupboards.

She is fighting like crazy with the bro because he doesn’t help her.

Fortunately I’m on board because she is unearthing things that we didn’t know we had.

Like my Dad. Now we can see them we know he has twelve belts and twenty white shirts.

I’m such a simple soul just one coat and I’m good. All that cash we’ll save in getting new stuff we already have means SNACKS! Happy munchkin me!

Heaven help me it is continuing after she has that drink buried in the bottles of sterilizer.

Soon it will be dark and she’ll have to stop. You just cannot dust at dusk.

Blessing # 1026-Sunset Soon

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