Wagging Tail-437

Do you tell yourself things over and over again and then not do them.

Of course that would never apply to me but it does for Mom. I support her none the less in every way I can.

She’s been saying for weeks, since it got warm, that she was going to sit out on the patio and chill of an evening.

Yesterday we did it just after our walk. It was like Goldilocks porridge not too hot and not too cold just warm enough.

I like being outside. It’s so much more entertaining for me than watching Call the Midwife.

I can bird watch and bark at passers by and even scare deer if I get lucky.

Herself can’t keep still for long though.

If she’s not deadheading flowers she’s running in and out to the fridge to top up her fizz.

A bucket of ice would come in handy then we’d be really cool! Might have a cube or too myself or even some of that stinky stuff she sips to get the weekend going.

Blessing # 1038– Aperitif

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