Wagging Tail-438

Herself was at work at the antique store today. I don’t mind that as it keeps the snacks coming.

What I do mind though is that she stops at yard sales on the way home and buys more “treasures”.

She then sits for NINETY minutes trying to work out what the mark is on a set of four teacups and saucers (there’s also a cup and a saucer with chips so she’s not counting them) that she found. “Don’t you understand Scooby Teacups sell in a Tearoom”

She thinks it’s Dresden so if you know for Pete’s sake send her a message.

Now reader imagine my frustration. I could fill all four with what I’ve been holding tight to in my bladder since this morning.

I sit up, I lie down, I take every pose to show I’m desperate but to no avail. Heck I even try smiling.

One of these days I’ll huff and puff and blow the house down.

Blessing #1039-Strong Sphincter

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