Wagging Tail-440

After our walk this morning Ma said she was going to do a bit of yard work. I was hot so I watched from the window.

She’s cutting all the mint back as it’s got straggly this way there’ll be plenty of time for a second crop to grow this year for Dads chutney.

When she was deep in our jungle she found something very unusual. Hidden within the mint was this beautiful flower.

She says it must have been an Easter Lily from a few years ago that she’d dibbled in with little hope of ever seeing it again.

It sure made her happy though.

It’s got a powerful perfume too. No need for shake and vac with that around.

She got a second spurt of energy when it was safely tucked in a vase so we migrated to the back patio to week some more.

I’ve found the greatest spot there for overseeing my kingdom. It’s just the right height to get a perspective on all the traffic and critters.

Well ventilated too and of course matches my outfit very well.

Blessing #1041-Surprises

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