Wagging Tail-439

You’ll have heard the saying “take up thy bed and walk”.

Well my bro has taken it literally.

He’s moving into his own apartment.

Since April when college ended he’s been living back at home but it seems that taste of independence was too good to miss.

He’ll be paying his own rent and working full time and is not sure if he’ll go back to college or not.

Ma and Dad and me think he has to take care of himself but we can’t tell him what to do.

Life’s all about choices. This is a big one for him so all we can do is wish him well for the dawn of this new day.

We hope he comes visiting and doesn’t forget about us.

Blessing # 1040-Fresh Start

One Reply to “Wagging Tail-439”

  1. On sait depuis toujours qu’ils partiront, mais c est très dur quand ça arrive.
    Il reviendra très souvent j en suis sure, faire des hugs, apporter sa lessive et avoir un bon repas .
    Theo en parle déjà depuis un an 🥲


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