Wagging Tail-446

We bought a bag of peaches on Sunday when we went grocery shopping. The bro had one yesterday and declared it yuck.

They looked good so Ma tried one and the bro was right. They we all mealy and dry. So disappointing but you know appearances can deceive.

So then the question was make cobbler or make jam.

I plumped for jam.

Ma says sometimes she wonders why she just doesn’t trash things that aren’t good rather than fussing trying to make something out of them. It’s a false economy but she has to rescue.

It’s like that old saying about life and lemons.

There are alternative versions of that saying though.

Ma might like that one very well especially around six o’clock!

The frozen version seems good to me. A bit of fun.

Dad says we just need to adhere to the old Indian mantra if you add sugar you can even eat wool. I’ll resist.

Blessing #1047– Jellified

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