Wagging Tail-447

Ma and I slept a little late this morning as we went to bed on rather a full stomach.

The bro brought us a bucket of KFC about eight last night saying it was annual fried chicken day. Any excuse for a big feed.

Regardless, we feasted and enjoyed even though we’d had dinner at six.

This morning Ma dawdled watching her heroine Miss Pudgy Picker.

She spends a lot atgarage sales which makes Ma feel righteous because she spends much less. Miss Pudgy Picker appears to have a business though where she sells as much as she buys which is not Ma’s status.

I like seeing Pudgy Pickers puppies. They make me feel righteous too as they interrupt her a lot.

With these delays we happened on a wondrous site in the woods. A four pointer deer all my himself having his breakfast. He was amazingly large and young and handsome. A bit like me.

Ma said he will be for sure the chief of the herd one day soon. He stood at least four feet at the withers.

Magnificent! You’ll need to believe us as we had no phone with us to capture him.

Blessing # 1048-Timing

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