Wagging Tail-450

This is a breakfast banter inspired by my Ma’s latest creation.

It is a brioche bun stuffed with strawberry cream cheese and topped with a little strawberry itself.

She brings the tail ends home as they aren’t so pretty and she doesn’t dust them with icing sugar like she does for her customers but they taste sweet.

We were reflecting as we ate them on the much maligned Marie Antoinette.

Poor girl. Shipped from Austria to marry the king of France she probably got a bit confused at times.

She is oft quoted as having said « let them eat cake » when challenged with the dilemma of the starving peasants who could find no bread. That’s not exactly what she said you know.

A more accurate translation is « let them eat brioche » She’d have had no problems with Ma and me.

Shame about Robespierre. He was a real baguette if you get my meaning.

Blessing #1051-Le Pain

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