Wagging Tail-451

See these feet? Well they are wet. I got short changed this morning on my outing as it started to rain when we were only half a mile from home.

We thought we’d dodge the showers but the heavens were having none of it.

It was only drizzling but Ma foresaw a downpour so we returned at a pace that most would class as a jog.

It seems sprinting now and then is good for the cardiovascular system but I prefer endurance exercise.

It’s not likely today though and the week ahead looks like fast pace will be called for too.

Just as well we Irish have a hundred words for precipitation. It’s teeming now so we definitely made the right decision when it was no more than mizzling to head for home.

To those of you out there from wetter climes share your favorite rain word especially funny ones that others might not know. I definitely need something to smile about!

Blessing # 1052-Speed Walk

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