Wagging Tail-453

It’s still raining. Our choice this morning was get wet or get wetter. I insisted we get wetter!

It wasn’t cold and the thunder and lightning had passed so we did a long walk.

Small ponds are springing up in some of our neighbors yards but ours is draining well.

The humidity has given rise to a plethora of fungi.

They are mostly small but there are some wicket looking spreading ones that would give you the creeps. Ma says she doesn’t mind the word fungi but fungus makes her think of stinky stuff.

If we knew what was what we could eat some. Since we don’t we just dream that they may be fairy umbrellas.

Or maybe, wishful thinking aside, palm trees.

Maybe that bunny I pointed out to herself knows his chanterelles from his champignons and was having a few for his brekkie.

Allows me also to point out to you how perfectly I blend in with the trees. I’ve a perfect camouflage for creeping up on critter.

Blessing # 1054-Mushroom

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