Wagging Tail-452

We get quite some visitors in our yard.

Last night a Doe brought her baby round to say hello. When you see the cute little ones you forget they have dessert on our sedum and hostas most days.

Ma and I suspect due to remnants of small long tailed critters and poop on our front pathway that we also have been adopted by a cat.

We haven’t seen it yet but for several days now it’s left us gifts at the same place.

Ive got my eyes peeled but am confident cats won’t get inside our house. Mice might make it but it is reassuring to know Dad doesn’t like felines and the Bro is allergic to them.

They would be a threat to my snacks.

Last night was a fiesta for me.

With the stress of the match herself ate a full family size bag of popcorn. She shared some with me.

Having run out of that as we were entering extra time in the game she hit the celery and peanut butter.

Devoured a mountain of the munch material and gave me the jar to clean out during the penalty kick off.

Shame about the result but that sure was a challenge getting to the bottom of that butter.

Blessing #1053-Digging Deep

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