Wagging Tail-456

The ups and downs of the morning were as follows.

We dodged the rain to get out for the first relief at 6:00 and just as we returned a Mama Deer with two Fawns were spotted.

My Ma locked me up in the screened porch lest I disturb them too much as the Doe was nursing her babies in our neighbors yard.

It’s hard to see but trust us Fawns wag their tails a lot when their having their brekkie.

We’d never seen that in our lives before.

So since I couldn’t keep my trap shut the Doe decided it was time to head back through our yard to their homes in the woods and we said adios to them.

What happened next might freak a few of you out for a Friday.

We, make that I, smelt a funny smell to the left of our porch and I pointed for Ma.

It was a dead snake that was well past its sell by date. Snakes are slimy at the best of times but when they have been dead a few days and partially eviscerated they are quite revolting.

I returned to my safe place while Ma dealt with it and tossed it in the woods.

Now how many of you can say that they have handled such biblical scenes in the space of fifteen minutes of a morning.

We think we might look for apples later since the serpents snuffed it!

Blessing# 1057-Eden

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