Wagging Tail-457

Ma is feeling low as this has been a slow week at the Tearoom and her clients who’d made reservations for today had to cancel as one of the party got sick.

She says we’re lucky we’re not counting on this to make a living or we’d be on bread and water. I’m basically on that regime anyway with all the crust I’m eating.

It surly puts things in perspective though. You definitely can empathize with people who do count on their small business for their major source of income.

She has of course the Treasure side of things to keep her upbeat.

Yesterday she hit a sale on the way home and found some good things.

One was for Dad. It’s a beautiful study Bible that has lots of maps and historical detail so he’s deep into that and most grateful.

She didn’t get me anything. I thought for a moment that she’d brought be a new squeaky but seems the Pillsbury Doughboy is a retro collectible and not for puppies. When I heard that I went back to sleep.

Today at the store since she has nothing else to do she’s cleaning and pricing her finds.

Some of them look cute.

Some are funny

Others romantic

Some are just downright scary.

If nothing else she she can claim an eclectic range on offer.

Blessing #1058-Diversified

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