Wagging Tail-460

I’m dedicating this banter to my cousin Maisie. Her Mum sent my Mum this beautiful photo of her taken yesterday in a real Irish meadow full of wildflowers. She looks so pretty. So do the flowers!

I’ve not met Maisie yet as she lives in Belfast with my Auntie Carol but we do FaceTime. According to Mum she’s « the best girl in the world »

As I’m the « best boy » I’m now jealous.

Maisie was rescued by Auntie Carol many moons ago and so is no longer a spring chicken like me. She inspired my Mum to rescue me as she is so smart and so good.

Her only dislike is strange men. She loves up to my Dad and Bro just fine because she knows them but anyone else look out.

Her affection for men is on par with mine for bicycles. It may relate to our early life experiences.

Like myself Maisie is composed of a mix of breeds that resulted in unusual features. Her most adorable are her large ears that are as big as her tiny legs.

She loves to go car like me and in her hay day could walk ten miles no problem.

These days she gets a little tired after a mile or so so her Mum bought her a pram so she can still go on long rambles with her friends and join in the fun.

I think she has a great Mummy. No wonder she is my Mums Bestie since forever. They even kinda look alike don’t you think.

Blessing #1061-Relatives

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