Wagging Tail-459

This morning the sun looked perfectly round like a big red beach ball.

Usually when it rises here the star itself is less distinctive and is mixed in with cloud and various hues of orange.

Ma said today’s appearance reminded her of India where some of our family live.

I can’t be sure of that but it was cool for our walk and we went far so now I’m resting under our Chinese side table.

Ma has gone to get the car serviced as it’s well overdue. There’re as many lights coming on as would illuminate a small planet.

She’s taken her book that she’s reading for a second time as she can’t remember the ending.

It’s about East moving West and some ladies getting big disappointments. Not Ma though. Where else would you find an auto repair shop with a pond and deck chairs to keep their customers sweet.

Blessing #1060– Orientations

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