Wagging Tail-462

Ma and Dad are having an ongoing argument about my food.

Dad says I don’t like the new stuff Ma got me last time and that I need to go back to my gluten free.

Ma says that with the amount of bread crusts I can eat with no adverse effect I don’t need gluten free and it’s more expensive.

What a penny pincher she is.

See the thing is Dad feeds me in the evening and she’s meant to feed me in the morning. Except Dad feeds me way too much and adds in all sorts of tasties like chicken and beef. He makes it so nice and easy to yummy up the good bits that I leave the kibble to the side. Result? It looks to Ma that I’m over fed as I have still have lots of food in my bowl in the morning.

It’s easier to sort out the meat with the new kibble because it’s a bigger size so it looks like I don’t eat it at all.

Ma has now laid down the law and says it’s kibble only in my bowl!

That doesn’t mean I don’t get the goodies. Dad gives them to me when she’s out of the house! Man am I glad she has that Tearoom not only a source of crumbs but it gets her out of our way.

We men folks stick together.

Blessing #1063-Absence

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