Wagging Tail-463

The temperature in Northern Ireland reached a record high yesterday.

All our family and friends are melting.

It’s unusual there so people are not equipped with air conditions and fans like we have here.

I sympathize. It always takes me a while to get used to the heat each summer. You have to build up panting prowess.

You do adjust eventually though. After a few weeks!!!!

What else can you do but strip to the bare essentials and play in the summertime.

Most important is to get your trot in as soon as possible each morning.

They have the beautiful beaches all around that should be great for the weekend. A good old splash in the sea I hear is hard to beat.

Much deeper and wider than my little lake but as they say « any port in a storm or as this case may be in a swelter »

Week ahead looks a tad more normal. Courage cooking critters.

Blessing #1064-Taking a Dip.

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