Wagging Tail-465

My secretary is a tad busy today so I’m dictating my epistle while she has her coffee.

We had a big storm in the middle of the night so the sleep was not ideal. Snuggles were super though but she’ll need a few extra milligrams of caffeine to see her through!

As we’ve only be up for half an hour we are relying on social media to speak for us today.

Auntie Liz inspired us by tagging us with this post which I fully endorse. The sooner I can get out the better.

Auntie Joyce also shared some words of wisdom which we believe are the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Finally we tuned in to Holy Trinity Ballylesson and hit on one of Ma’s favorite hymns.

He really knows what he’s about that wise one. Gave us all we needed for the day!

Blessing #1066-Immortals

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