Wagging Tail-466

Ma has lost her battle with the deer herd.

In theory her prime line of defense for her flower beds is coffee grounds.

She went out just now armed with two boxes that Dad has been collecting over the past week.

Who did she meet face to face when she opened the garage door with their noses deep in the honeysuckle but the two fawns. Midday madness.

They took one look at her and took off before I could be called to put my nose in.

The rascals are growing like weeds all thanks to our fine nourishment.

Secretly though I know she was happy to see them. She’d seen a dead one down on the main road a few days ago and was worried it was one of ours.

We’ll keep going with the grounds though as it’s decent fertilizer if an absolutely useless deer deterrent. The Gnome is more effective!

Blessing # 1067– Noon Nosh

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