Wagging Tail-468

I was furious yesterday. A gecko called Ed was allowed to have lunch at OUR Tearoom.

Ma won’t let me come anywhere near the place any more as “it’s against the rules”.

Why the heck was a gecko there then? She’s even patting it for heavens sake!

OK I confess he has a metallic look that doesn’t pose a risk to life and limb.

He is sort of out this world and makes people happy.

So do dogs!

Just look at this puppy and her baby. Like other well known four paws she bears a close resemblance to her human.

Almost has as good a smile as myself. I only look like me!

This canine is a bit creepy though. That’s way to close to homo sapiens for my liking.

What is it about this dog? The eyes or the mouth or is it an app on the internet that gave that “I should wear clothes look”

Blessing #1069-Lipgloss

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