Wagging Tail-472

At the request of Ma, who got miffed this morning reading about yet another famous person’s gratitude for the gift of authenticity, I’m going to give you my opinion on the much used term « authentic ».

It’s all over social media and has overtaken empowerment as the must use buzz word.

The funny thing is that on TV when you see these people talking about « being their authentic self and finding their truth » you can tell they are lying through their veneered teeth.

I can tell you that these ornaments are not dogs.

They are China Pugs. However, they are authentic antiques.

What’s wrong with just being yourself. If your an antique be an antique.

I don’t pretend to be nice all the time. If anyone gets in my way I’ll show them my canines. It doesn’t happen often but deep within I know when to assert myself.

I’m not constantly yapping because I don’t need to.

All these authentic truth warriors are like fake bones. They may be filled with collagen injections but their marrow is missing.

There that’s what I think so next time someone feigns shock at a statement that you know has been rehearsed a million times tell them to speak with their higher authority therapist about their TRUTH. That would be their dog in case they need to know!

Blessing #1073-Yourself

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