Wagging Tail-473

Poor Ma has had a wicked 24hours.

She was working at the Antique Mall yesterday and all was going great until a catastrophe occurred just before closing.

Someone move a glass plate and it knocked against some others. Nothing broke but when Ma went to stabilize the plate it slipped again. She got the plate but in the process three very expensive crystal glasses bit the dust.

She called the dealer and described what had happened and he was very gracious. Said that as long as no one was hurt that was the main thing. She still feels bad and sad.

If that wasn’t bad enough she got a message this morning to say there was a stain on the ceiling in the apartment above the tearoom. There had been a huge downpour yesterday and as you know it never rains but it pours when it comes to bad luck.

She is very down in the dumps so I am giving her intensive care now. I’m the best for that.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings some sunshine.

Blessing #1074-TLC

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