Wagging Tail-457

This morning I was so happy. My Auntie Denise is back from California.

Of course the teacup had to come along on our walk to meet her.

We walked the paws of the niece and went all the way to the park. I was exceptionally well behaved. I ignored her completely and focused on Denise.

We stopped to talk to Betty who knows a lot about rescues and that’s when I lost it.

Betty was all over the teacup and I got jealous. Went for the neck and got scolded again.

Betty said it’s the terrier in me.

I said I’m still adjusting and it’s not fair at all that someone gets to eat my breakfast and go walking with MY MUM and MY AUNTIE and sleep on MY SOFA!

I was most contrite when I got home and lay snuggled with the teacup under the table till Ma left for work.

Blessing # 1058 – Repentance

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