Wagging Tail-458

I got myself in deep trouble last night. Ma was at work so when Dad gave me my dinner the teacup tried to eat it.

He’d put a lot of love into my meal like extra tasty bits. Don’t tell Ma that bit. Anyway the «thing » who aspirates rather than chews tried to get it. No way was I allowing that.

I jumped on her like she was pinky and I hurt her. All the other times I’d just frightened her. When Ma heard she said enough is enough. Sat her right up beside her on the sofa she did.

So this morning when I snarled she howled hard at me. Fierce woman and I had to watch « it » lick its lips.

Now I’m under strict surveillance and may be sequestered in solitary if I reoffend and don’t befriend.

Blessing #1059-Probation

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