Wagging Tail-464

Ma and me woke up real early so we were all set for a good trot when what do you know yet another big thunderstorm rolled in.

The farmers may be happy because the soy and the corn are growing like crazy with all this heat interspersed with wet wet wet weather but it’s no good for critters like me.

Ma says she’s never seen the corn so high.

Fortunately the teacup’s potty training has to continue so we still got to do half a mile as soon as the worst was over and the lightening stopped so she could tinkle.

When we came back since we’d both performed Ma said we could play with pinky and elfie and our big ball.

The tike is good fun for hide and seek. I’m starting to warm to her.

A bit of youth in the house keeps me occupied and gives me something to banter about.

Blessing # 1065-Diversion

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