Wagging Tail-463

The teacup got to go out with Ma in the car yesterday after work.

I was mad as a mean wolf. Not only does she depose me on the sofa she got to ride up front in MY VEHICLE.

It stormed in her though so she didn’t get to enjoy the window down.

They were no sooner gone than they were back.

That’s when I understood the cause for the ride.

They went to the docs to get her all shot up and she had stuff squirted up her nose too.

So I did feel a bit sorry for her and licked her up nicely and let her play with the fly swat.

Did you know dogs get a coronavirus? Not the same one that’s hurting people but serious stuff.

Thank goodness for science and medicine. It allows us all to sleep more soundly!

Blessing #1064-Vaccinations

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