Wagging Tail-466

Ma was all excited yesterday morning because her pal Tjin and her son Arthur were coming to stay for the weekend from Wisconsin.

They were to arrive for dinner after their full day road trip and we were all going to eat BBQ.

Well you know it’s our house so nothing goes to plan.

When Ma got in from work at six Aaron was already home. One of his workmates had tested positive for Covid so all those who’d been in contact with this person were sent home.

Ma called Tjin who was about an hour away from our place. Tjin wisely decided since Arthur is only nine and hasn’t been able to get vaccinated yet she’d stay in a hotel.

Ma and Pa stayed home from Church so we got to play a lot which was fun. We are getting along well now and even pulled piggy together.

Aaron tried to get tested this morning and booked a slot in Columbus but when he got there no one was at the test site so he is booked for tomorrow morning.

Tjin and Arthur did come over for a walk with us to our park and fed the ducks and geese and us.

They are now off to Legoland but they will be back for dinner as it’s safe to sit far apart on the patio.

We’ll for sure get another walk with them too.

Blessing # 1067– Outdoors

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