Wagging Tail-467

The bro went for his Covid test this morning now all we have to do is wait for the results. Immediate impact was that Ma had to cancel her dental appointment and call off her work at the mall this afternoon. Both the dentist and Debbie the mall owner fully understood.

We played a little piggy instead.

This uncertainty means Ma and Pa are grounded so we had a walk and then did our scones for the week.

I love scone day because I get the egg wash that Ma puts on top of them microwaved into a little omelette just for me.

That’s my exclusive deal with my Ma. She doesn’t give treats to her granddaughter. It stops with the snuggles.

The tike is trying hard though to get into the action.

Every time Ma opens the pantry door she’s in there.

Must say that she’s taught me a thing or two that little lady.

You should always be ready to snap ever occasion to get a nomnom.

Blessing #1068-New Tricks.

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