Wagging Tail-469

You are getting two for the price of one today as Ma was so busy she forgot to post my epistle from yesterday.

It was about the bro who thinks his Nala is a Princess.

He does all this Lion King stuff with her. Holding her up to heaven. Wish she’d move on up there!

In my mind she’s no princess she’s a pain in the butt. Has me exhausted keeping her in check.

Can’t even get a decent sleep on the couch these days.

I suppose I could get the teeth into he and finish her off.

Instead though I contain myself and show a modicum of patience even when she has the audacity to do what she did just now.

She ate my breakfast, peed on the carpet because she’d stuffed her tummy so much and then used my Ma as her pillow to sleep it all off.

Just listen to this and it’s still not 7:00 am.

Any wonder I’m huffing and puffing and ready for the hills.

Blessing#1070– Grace

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