Wagging Tail-468

The bro still hasn’t got the results of his PCR testing so Ma has dispatched him to a town thirty miles away where he can get an antigen test done today. None to be had any closer.

That way we’ll know if she needs to cancel her customers for tomorrow.

All this means we are getting more time inside together as the weather is stinking. All wet and miserable.

The only thing to do is snuggle up.

The tike is getting a lot of attention. In particular sleeping on the couch beside MY MOM. She sleeps a lot.

As soon as she’s finished her snoring Ma dives outside with her to make sure she does her tinkle.

So far so good today.

Her paws are cute but her nails are sharp as scissors and she’s ripped Ma to shreds.

Just as long as she saves her ivories for noshing. They look wicked.

She’s gained two pounds this week so go figure how much she’s eating. That probably explains why she needs all that sleep too.

Tries ever chance she gets to grab a snack from under the table. She’s learned though that I have first dibs on those and that my fags are just as sharp as hers.

Blessing #1069-Grow Girl

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