Wagging Tail-475

Ma had a total meltdown last night about eight o’clock.

I’d had the runs all day and she was picking up poop constantly. At least I did it outside. I was very thankful.

Add to this the tike was tearing up book covers and shredding papers like a machine.

She was chilling with wine and had just had some ice-cream also as a reward for her patience when all hell broke loose.

She went to put her dirty glass in the dishwasher only to discover the top rack was off it’s rails and that three of the four roller guides were broken to shreds

She tried for an hour to fix it to no avail. By this time I was desperate to get out again.

She was huffing and puffing and swearing and banging and saying all sorts of unmentionable things about the STUPID men she lives with and how SHE has to do everything herself and so on.

She calmed down this morning. Sleep always helps but then discovered that during her rant I’d had made use of the fancy sitting room for my urgency.

She was then fit to kill and ready to puke. Fortunately it was time to meet Auntie Denise who always has a calming influence on her. So I dodged the bullet yet again.

Blessing #1076-Close Call

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