Wagging Tail-476

When Ma and I got up this morning the bro had disappeared with my niece. Not a word to say where they’d gone. Road trip no doubt with his girlfriend and Nala’s sister Simba! who calls a girl Simba I ask you!!!

Ma says I’m more reasonable than the bro is!! At least I annonce arrivals and departures.

It was like super cool for me on National Dogs Day because I got MY MA all to myself and we went for a super long walk with Denise.

We hadn’t been able to do that in a long time because of heat and HER!

They’ve taken all my toys away which is hardly fair.

What does one puppy need with all MY TOYS

I’m now bored so am starring out the window looking for them to return.

What a life! Dad is so boring!!!!

Blessing #1077 -Home Alone

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