Wagging Tail-511

This is a story Ma says not many will believe.

She got talking to one of the ladies who comes to her tearooom earlier this week about The Emerald Isle!

The ladies name is Colleen which might give you a clue where we are going.

This lady was born in Marion Ohio but her Mum and Dad both came from Belfast.

Her auntie married an American GI and moved here so following the war she sponsored her brother and his wife to come over. They had a child soon after arriving Miss Colleen!

Not so weird until you hear that Colleen’s Dad came from the Donegall Road and her Mom from Frenchpark Street both literally around the corner from my Moms home!

To make matters even better Colleen arrived back at the tearoom the next day with some souvenirs her Mom had brought on visits back home.

One of these was a linen tea towel made in the very factory where my Moms own Father worked for many years. It’s now in pride of place behind the all important kettle!

Now here is the thing today is the anniversary of my Grandpa passing the rainbow bridge seems he might have had a hand in this timely tale!

Blessing #1102-Long Distance Gifting!

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