Wagging Tail-510

Ma is beginning to appreciate all the work Dad does on our paperwork.

She hates doing bills and that sort of stuff and always says Dad collects too much junk.

Now shes having to eat her words.

I helped her so much with the humble pie she took me out in the car to post the bills and get some shopping for the tearoom. I hadn’t had a jaunt in such a long time. It was so great to escape my demonic niece.

She buys her Bourbon Cream biscuits (aka cookies) at the Indian grocers. So she got Dad his favorite Indian sweets and snacks too. I’m so looking forward to sharing them.

As for the tike I was so pleased to see her that I gave her a great big smacker when we got back.

We’d only been gone an hour but a little absence really does make the heart grow fonder

Blessing #1111-Appreciation

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