Wagging Tail-520

My Mom is an airhead aka a space cadet aka a balloon!

Dad is back in business arguing with the bro, screaming at the niece and even yapping at me!

He and me were checking the bills while Ma went to petition the Almighty to protect us when we uncovered a flaw in Mothers footwork.

She’d mailed the electric bill without putting in the check! Why you may well ask in this day of online solutions are we still using checks and pigeon post. Well thats because Dad likes it that way!

So when herself returned from Church he pointed the finger at the written check still in the book and she had to admit defeat!

SWEET DREAMS for me a dash to the post was called for!

We whizzed off into the sunshine like Bonnie and Clyde leaving the desperate demon at home!

It was delightful! Windows down barking at bicyclist and joggers and all my pal behind their electric fences!

God definitely heard my plea for some time out and maybe in hindsight was looking over all of us spotting that mistake before we got cut off the grid!

Blessing #1121-Light&Power

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