Wagging Tail-523

It beautiful here blue skies and perfect temperature for a big morning walk.

When we got back from the park there was a whole hullabaloo on TV about people flying into space.

One of them is a very ancient being who at one time was an intergalactic superstar.

While we were waiting for them to take off Ma cleaned our kitchen blinds and windows.

It took her longer to do this than the time these people were in orbit.

Isn’t it stupid. Humans can conquer space but they still have to battle dust. Basically it’s all the same stuff!

She was rewarded for her labors when she eventually made it to work with a visit from a Monarch.

It landed right at her shop door appropriately on one of the butterfly bushes my Auntie Laura gave her.

Like me I bet this beauty is happy as can be with life right here on earth.

Blessing #1124– Flyers

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