Wagging Tail-535

There are all sorts of days.

So this morning Ma whispered in my ear, while we were having a snuggle, that we’d make October 25th the ”Love Your Nemesis Nala Day”

After all the same sun rises on us all.

Ma had been inspired by the sermon Pastor Justin and Pastor Katya preached together yesterday. If you’d like to hear it here’s the link.

The niece is making some progress I must say like not eating hedgehogs.

She annoyed Dad something shocking though this morning, spilled his coffee all over everthing.

Knowing she was in deep trouble she pinned her ears back and snuck off to the brother’s bedroom.

That was a cue for Ma and me to go out in the car.

We had nearly run out of poop bags. As you all know what goes in must come out and a lot goes into mega mouth.

So we went to the dollar store.

We got her a new leash which was terrible generous of us.

Hope she understands all my treat money is holding her tight!

Blessing #1136-Practicing what we Preach!

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